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Simply write on one or both sides with a ballpoint pen, pencil, or other sharp object, to impress an indelible message into the tag.

Your order is shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Why Choose Amekron

  • SAFE - IMPRESS-O-TAGS cannot be magnetized-they are safe for use in sensitive electronic applications.
  • DURABLE - The durable, non-corrodible finish does not oxidize, even with prolonged exposure to weather, most chemicals, heat, and dirt. This means your message is permanent and remains legible for years in any environment.
  • MULTIPLE USES- Light-weight IMPRESS-O-TAGS can be wired, stapled, nailed, taped, or glued to many objects
  • STRONG - Sealed sides add structural strength to the IMPRESS-O-TAGS, they resist bending and damage.
  • AFFORDABLE - Non-corrodible aluminum wire ties are included with each order of IMPRESS-O-TAGS at no additional charge.
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Exclusive, double-eyelet design spreads the load on the wire ties, no reinforcing is required

Regular 1x3 3/8 inch Aluminum Tag

3 3/4 x 5/8 inch Jumbo Aluminum Tag